Back stage before a school concert age 12

Playing the Bruch violin concerto at Dartington age 17

 Curved Air 1971

Curved Air 1972

Wolf circa 1974

Curved Air 1975

Concerto for Electric Violin 1978

Concerto for Electric Violin Munich 1979

Working with Stew in

San Francisco on his ballet 'King Lear' 1985 

Sonja and me publicity shot for the single 'Renegade' 1983

At Francis Ford Copola's birthday party with Stew 1985

The Human Condition 1987

Premiere of Stew's opera 'Holy Blood' Cleveland 1990

Recording 'Under the Soft' drums in LA with Stew Copeland 1991

Conducting the LSO for the Sting orchestral album 'Fortress' 1993

With Sting on 'Last night of the Proms' tour 1993

The Elektra Ensemble 1995

David Graham-Young in rehearsals for my opera 'The Master and Margarita' 1996

Verisma 1999 to 2014

'Siren's Rock' premiere 2000

The Darryl Way Band 2001 to 2004

Emma Shaplin concert at the Parthenon 2005

Curved Air re-union 2008

Ultra Violins 2013

Children of the Cosmos 2014

Myths, Legends and Tales 2016

Underworld Rock Opera 2017

Destinations 2019

Destinations 2 2021

Publicity shot 1990s

Publicity shot 1970s

Publicity shot 1980s

Publicity shot 2000s